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I'm surprised you can tell that the foil ,bottom contours, fin placement, rocker and rail shape are the same all from just a picture of the outline. Especially since my outline is different than his in the front 1/3 of the board.

It was influenced by the WD. Just about every shaper now has a model influenced by that board.

My outline, bottom, and rocker are different, however I did steal the way he shapes his diamond tail and the way he transitions his rail in the nose.
Funny, you didn't mention all those specs on here....I was clearly referring to the shape of the board, not the other variables which are to difficult to determine from simply looking at a picture. There are variations on every board out there, not every one is exactly identical unless it is machined and even then there can be subtle variations in the boards. All I was saying was your outline, while slightly wider (it looks like) from the white diamond looks similar. That being said they work great in small surf from what I hear.