I just joined this WONDERFUL site as it post the tide schedule data for CAPE SAN BLAS, FLORIDA. I have been searching the web for this data for a long time.

Can anyone confirm that the tide schedule data posted is for the Gulf (west) side of the Cape vs the Bay (east) side of the Cape?

I hope the answer is YES. Prior to this, I could only find tide data for the city of Port St Joe (located in the St Joe Bay) and Alligator Pass (located east at St George Island). These are the 2 closest tide reported stations to the Cape. I wonder if the Cape San Blas data posted is extrpulated from Port St Joe OR are actual measurements made AT THE CAPE?

The tides in this area are very complicated, as they are a combination of diurnal and semi-diurnal. Some days have one HI and LO and others have 2 HIs and LOs.

Thanks in advance and anyone please advise!