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    Tell me I'm not crazy...

    But next week is look ridiculous good for us eastcoasters, any reason I shouldn't get too excited?? Seems this always happens....too good too be true

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    It's always changing. Last night the forecast said it would be fair through the morning, until 2pm......SO I slept in. This morning it's glassy and has been GOOD since 7AM......which means I way over slept. I'm hitting the coffee and food now, getting ready to go.

    But anywho....the forecast is like a new relationship......everything seems so beautiful and perfect in the future.....then the future arrives and it's a choppy mess. So my point is, nothing is guaranteed, get it while you can, and don't miss the now waiting for the future.

    In the last year of watching the forecast, I've learned to not put much faith into it, until it's only 36 hours out.

    Again, forecast changed in the last 8 hours that I slept. :/
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