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    Tamarindo to Witch's Rock... or, not.

    I am a novice surfer, surfing only one year...

    I AM IN TAMARINDO at WRSC, and am getting the **** kicked out of me in front of the camp; paddle ok, follow line ok... on good ones.

    Boat ride to Witch's Rock tomorrow for 50$. O.O

    Should I just go do the damn thing, or will I be miserable and not catch one damn wave and miss my last full day of surfing in Costa Rica (flight home Wed. at 330pm) to surf such a break.

    Tamarindo to Witch's Rock, or, not?!?!?!?

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    Witches Rock (Roca Bruja) is a world class wave. If you've been surfing Tamrindo all week its worth the 50 bucks just to see it and say you went. Its a huge sand bottom beach and your paddling from the boat into the line up so at you'll be spared an ass kicking paddle out for your first wave. Was there twice a few weeks ago and even when its small its still real fun and both days I went it was almost empty. Plus it cost me 250 to rent the boat so 50 ain't too shabby. Good luck!

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    do it, its fun, ollies is right around the corner as well. boat ride is long though.

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    Beware of the crocodiles.....true story.

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    Go for sure, Witches is a kick ass waves. The croc is real, but if you are lucky enough to see Shredder, he's pretty tame. The boat ride and trip are worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sttcustoms View Post
    ...worth the 50 bucks just to see it and say you went.
    Hahaha... yea, 'cause it's all about sayin' that you went!

    But sttcustoms is right... quick, easy paddle to the lineup of a world class sand bottom beachbreak wave. And for $50 you can't pass it up.

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    Definitely go!

    Bring water and sunblock.

    I drove there with friends from Tamarindo, which involved around 7 hours of traveling (including the 5 mile 'road' into the national forrest, which took the majority of our time). It was totally worth it. Scored my first legit barrel there. It was just perfect reeling overhead barrels, almond shaped and forgiving.

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    I can't believe someone had to post this question on an internet forum

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    you should your damn computer away and go talk to some chica's at the monkey bar...

  10. dont you need a solid swell in order for witch's and ollie's to be worth the trip? and if so isnt it always smaller there then more exposed beaches? trying to learn because i leave for longosta on friday. also where is the best website to check the surf in costa. swellinfo is killer for my local break but for costa they split the entire west coast into only 3 sections. surfline doesnt update more than a few times a week and magicseaweed always calls it bigger than it really is. they are good with period prediction though.