Didnt go. Ive only been surfing for a year... I know my skillset, and even in Tamarindo I see guys on Rusy's and CI's and Im catching/surfing ALOT more than them. I dont want to go until I can do tha damn thing right!
lll never be a surfer, but I will surf good; eventually.
Being a poser just isnt worth missing a good day on my little beach break in Tamarindo where I can have fun and still learn and improve.

I cant say that Ive been there... yet

As in everything, I believe in respect and an appreciation... Im not yet worthy, and... if it would have been a great day, would not have been able to catch those things (I would have compromised others trip).

FWIW... those that went were a bit upset b/c it was flat O.O

All good... no worries.

At least Im not going to be 'one of those guys' that just to say they went...