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Thread: New Bodyboard

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    Im looking at the same length but with the double carbon fiber stringer....Dying to get on my bro's picking up one too im pretty stoked he will be down riding

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    Talking No. 6

    Of course, I hate admitting this on a public forum, but I'm an Amazonian chick and the No. 6 Goliathe is the sickest board I've ridden, and I tried A LOT of boards. I asked Jay Reale from to help me out, and he recommended it.

    It's thick enough to float bigger riders, but it still has a good amount of flex in it. Too many "big guy" or "big chick" boards end up sacrificing flex.

    No. 6 also stepped up the game with the Goliathe, and came out with the Goliathe Icon, a higher performance board for bigger riders.

    Check out, Jay would be happy to help you. Awesome site.

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    I was thinking that board or the locust. I really dunno which one i want but yea that fellow your talking about is a real nice fellow. Thanks for the advice...