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    My wetsuit reaks

    i got a 5/4 oneill mutant and i surfed with it for about 5 or 6 times and it reaks and i have been washing it off with fresh water each time and hanging it up to dry how do i make it not stink?

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    i've had the same problem with my xcel 5 mm gloves...i think everybody's u piss in it? that will def. NOT help matters...but doesn't matter, it will stink no matter what...just wash it with fresh water, dry it, and DON"T leave it in your car unless you want your gurlfriend to dump you...

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    Stinky wetsuits

    Try wetsuit wash. I use the McNett one on my wetsuits, and I also throw my boots, gloves, hood, rashguards, etc. in to soak, too.

    I use it every time on all of my stuff, and nothing smells.

    You put in a 2-3 capfulls to a half tub of cool water, swish it around to make sure that the soap has penetrated your stuff, let it soak for a bit, and then rinse everything with water when you're done.

    It should work, and you'll be stink free.