Here is a pic of an old board of mine.

I haven't surfed it in years but it's a beast. The darkness on the board in the photo is shade not damage. Basically I painted the bottom of this board with acrylic paints a while back. I only road it every now and again on the cliffs after the bottom was painted. As the paint chippe off, it became more sluggish because it wasn't a smooth surface anymore. Anyway, I want to restore this boar to Rodin conditions. Can I touch te paint up, clean the wax a just use a resin coat? Or would thy just chip away and beer truly adhere to the paint and old glass? Or should I just clean the wax etc up ad sand as much paint off and say screw the art? Is keeping the art worth it or is it just a waste of time and I should sand t down?

The board is water tight, it just needs some love. It's an old "NA" board from long island. Super fun 20 inch wide 6'0 with a thruster and a swallow. Way more tail whip panel that my chunkier Quad fish. It used to be a sick high performance alternative. Any advice from shapers or restoration guys would be appreciated