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    Board restoration advice

    Here is a pic of an old board of mine.

    I haven't surfed it in years but it's a beast. The darkness on the board in the photo is shade not damage. Basically I painted the bottom of this board with acrylic paints a while back. I only road it every now and again on the cliffs after the bottom was painted. As the paint chippe off, it became more sluggish because it wasn't a smooth surface anymore. Anyway, I want to restore this boar to Rodin conditions. Can I touch te paint up, clean the wax a just use a resin coat? Or would thy just chip away and beer truly adhere to the paint and old glass? Or should I just clean the wax etc up ad sand as much paint off and say screw the art? Is keeping the art worth it or is it just a waste of time and I should sand t down?

    The board is water tight, it just needs some love. It's an old "NA" board from long island. Super fun 20 inch wide 6'0 with a thruster and a swallow. Way more tail whip panel that my chunkier Quad fish. It used to be a sick high performance alternative. Any advice from shapers or restoration guys would be appreciated

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    try goo gone on the paint .

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    As you say its an old board and could most likely benefit from at least a new resin coat , i'd sand the whole board down.

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    The sluggishness you feel might be just the simple fact that the board is past it's prime. All boards, but in particular PU/PE, lose their pop over time. The materials fatigue and the performance begins to decline. I always say, "all boards have a lifespan."

    So... you gotta think about what's important to you: the art or riding the board? You can fix the art (repaint where it's chipped off) and hotcoat over it, but you'll be adding weight you don't need. Mix it up hot, and don't overbrush it, or better yet, get some UV sanding resin, brush it out, let it sit for a minute, then kick it in the sun. You don't want to give it time for the paint to sort of "reactivate" and bleed. Some guys might suggest clear acrylic, but that might not bond well, and it wont give you anything to sand smooth. All it does is protect the paint.

    Or you can sand off the art, but remember... that might not make the board perform any better.

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    well, is it a board that you want to to restore for a wall hanger or get it back in the water

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    loading it up with resin or other coatings just adds a lot of weight to the board if you want to ride it it will be a dog, if there is enough foam left , tape over the decals , and logos ,cut the glass ( i like to use a a dremel tool)and very carefully rip off the old glass,if your careful you can leave the board relatively intact ,but the rail areas will be the hardest areas to clean up and get the same rail profile. and then glass it with Resin Research or similiar epoxy resin,its doable but a lot of work,if youve never done any repair work before let it go