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Dudes, this is a mid-period groundswell, from a modest storm. There is no Category 4 sitting right off your coast. It's not that powerful. You'll be ok. I can't speak for everywhere - it's kind of sectioning - but there are plenty of corners out there. I guess our typical windswells just reel for hundreds of yards right ?? It has that groundswell push to it, but nothing crazy-hard. You'll be ok.

And some of y'all are just completely bent on long range predictions. When are you guys going to realize that you can't predict the wether with complete accuracy when dealing with the long-term? The Weather Channel can't, your local news station can't, AND THE BEST METEREOLOGIST AT NOAA CAN'T.........Use predictions as a base, but don't plan your days 5 days in advance. Some of y'all are like addicted to this stuff. Ok, I can dig cause I'm addicted to the message board. Mr. SWELLINFO, how do you get us so hooked. I am NOT a computer dude. I've been on two other message boards in my life. That's it. I email an old girlfriend and out-of-state pals, I look at Heritage's wavecam to peep-and-tom on Ocean City, and I come on here. I don't even look at computer porn !!

We are all hooked. How many of you fairies keep crying, "That's it.....I'm leaving this website...Boo Hoo......I don't like you guys." And they don't even stay away a complete 24 hours !!! Mr. SWELLINFO, are you putting crack in this site??? You got everybody hooked.
welcome back SJB.