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how old are you?? not bashin' or anything. just curious.
Oh I'm 40..and I'm only just starting to show my age...but I was on the coke, dope and vodka since I was 19. They say you stop maturing and growing when you are drugging it up. So I've been sober for two years, that would put me mentally at 21.

And while I love Kurt Vonnegut, there will always be a special place in my literary heart for classic, young adult author Gordon Korman.....he's Canadian, dude. I LOVE CANADIANS. I almost married a Canadian girl. I even quit sniffing dope for her.....and smoking yayo......but I didn't stop drinking. And unfortunately that's when my drinking started making me scary crazy(no I didn't do any domestic violencing.......I'm a verbal abuser).....So I drove my Canadian gal away......though she still emails me everday cause of my entertainment value....DAMN DUDE, I ALMOST BECAME CANADIAN....DRAT......

Oh thanks for not bashing me.