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Thread: Broken Nose

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    Broken Nose

    fractured the nose on my board 3 inches down back in october and fixed it myself... while i was playin around in the slop today it rebroke and came apart and i lost the nose, i was just going to glass it back up and say screw the front 3 inches.. any one have any feedback on how bad square noses are? like i said its only 3 inches so i didnt think it would be a big deal

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    I've seen plenty of noseless boards, I think you'll be fine. I have one that's missing about an inch and a half and I don't even notice it. The only problem I could think of is sinking the nose on steep drops but maybe you have another board for the steeper, barreling days anyway. I would say go for it and see how it rides.

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    Sand it, glass it, sand it again, surf it, and forget it. The tip of your board does nothing. Even if you lost a foot of nose I would do the same without any concern for altering the boards performance.
    ps I can take off later on my 5'10'' then on my 6'4'' no doubt.

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    Square noses will be standard as soon as Slater is pictured holding one.

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    Haha yea man it'll be ight. I had an old beat up board once and da same thing happen...broke bout 3 o 4 inches off but I fixed and I was ight on small days just to mess round on. Good luck brotha