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    NEWBIE....need help

    boarda.jpgboardb.jpgboardc.jpgboardd.jpgMy son has been really into skim boards the last 2 years. He wants to try surfing. We got this board at a yard sale this weekend for $5.00 !! Has some dents and dings, and I have to replace the right FCS fin, which is no big deal. Can anybody tell me what make the board is? it is 6'6". Is it too short to learn on? Thanks

  2. That's a steal!

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    WRV Wave riding vehicles.100 percent hand shaped.East coast shaper.Should be a good board for your son to start with depending on his size.This board looks like its a few years old but thats one amazing deal.Don't forget to buy him a leash.I would recommend around a 6ft one.Wax that baby up and have some fun.Just curious if you know who the shaper is?Would say it on the bottom of the board.
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    Agree with GoodVibes. Depends on your son's age and size, but it's a keeper! Even if he learns on something else he could move onto this later.

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    boarde.jpgboardf.jpgThanks...this is on the bottom.....a little hard to make out

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    i feel like i have that same board
    works insane
    should get a foam top 7 footer to learn on or something

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    yo man that board looks ight to learn on as long as yo son aint too big. yall got it fo 5 bucks man thats sick! keep it fo sho and tell yo son good luck form surfin_nigg!!!!

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    I would say $5 is a steal for the board. It was made in 2005 and shaped by Shriver. Good Luck!

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    Great buy! He can keep it for years.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Great forum!