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Thread: Coil surfboards

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    Bunch of Coils at the shop for 500... They feel really nice and appear to be very,very well-made but for some reason no one really rides them here
    The 2 guys I've seen riding them said they liked the boards ,but didn't go mental like most of the net reviews I have read. I guess trying one yourself is the only way to really know.
    ~ best of luck

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    I have two coils and think their great. If I could justify another board purchase right now, it would be another coil.

    Both of mine are customs shaped by Mike Daniel. They both go great. Both his dimensions, his basic shapes with some changes based on my description of what I wanted, and both worked out great.

    I can't buy off the rack because of my dimensions (5'11" 220lbs) but I'm not ready to hang it up and ride a cruiser. Mike packs the volume in and keep sme riding something more high performance.

    Last one I picked up is my smaller wave board, and it's 5'11", floats me great, and feels more high performance than it seems like a board of these dimensions should.

    One thing I think might turn some off is, his boards don't cruise. Both of mine are very fast boards, but not if I just stand there and do nothing...they need some input. I've had retro fish that went fast regardless of what I did, but didn't feel high performance. These will go just as fast, but they do require some input to do it, but then they turn so much better.

    They are also much stronger than poly. At my weight off the rack polys delaminated under my rear foot quite quickly. These hardly even dent. They look practically new.

    The wait kind of stinks, but it's worth it.

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    Here's my small wave coil. It's the "disc" model with only one small wing in the tail which is hard to see in the pic, rather than the typical two. I tend to be slightly front footed, an dthis board feels fantastic.

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    My medium wave coil. This is a round tailed variation of his "flashback fish" which is as much shortboard as it is fish.

    If I could only have one board in NJ, this would be it.

    The boards are very well constructed. Top notch quality.