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Thread: Delray spot

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    Delray spot

    i`m planning on heading to delray on saturday , does anyone know were in delaray it gets good , some kid told me in reef road.

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    i am not an expert on spots in delray, but I did surf behind nomad surf shop in delray one day and there was a decent wave to ride. Maybe someone else can give you some other ideas.

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    reef road is Side PB Inlet and further north than Delray. Access was terrible years ago and Im sure it is worse now !

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    oh yeah, it does get real good there too on the right conditions-At least it used too!

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    yeah delray gets pretty good saturday should be fun too.

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    your not ready for reef road.

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    coco u think its to intense if i tried now, i dont really know wht to expect outthere i just thought it`d be more consistent than were i`m from miami..

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    gulfcoastlifeguard Guest

    surf wherever you want...

    you should have no problem surfing at reef road. If you happen to get pounded then just take your lumps and drive on.I wouldn't reccomend dropping in on anyone because it is a bigger wave (not like south beach or any wave south of Palm Beach)>Nobody can tell you that you aren't ready for a wave only you can decide that.

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    hey , bet that up man thnx i`ll definetly go check it out and see for my self not unless i try i wont know.