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    For sale: Tide clocks and surfboard bottle openers

    Made some tide clocks and surfboard bottle openers, thought some of you might like 'em...

    more info here:

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    really cool man. are you selling them at any shops?

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    tideclock is coo, but a bottle opener for $38? shiiittttt

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    Thanks Squan. No, not selling in any shops... just made a few extras after friends and family really dug 'em as gifts.

    surftb... got add in a little for my time, plus a marine grade stainless steel opener, Greenroom surfboard epoxy, wood, etc. Thanks for looking.

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    cool stuff, good gift items.

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    Thanks swellinfo!

    Oh, and I dropped the prices some.

    fun waves here today!

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    Working on a few more tide clocks...

    Mahogany D-fin here:

    Some new bottle openers too...