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    The neon colors of the eighties are trying to make a comeback. I'll try on a suit and make sure it's comfortable and warm before I try to be creative any day.

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    i like black wetsuits,except when they make my board wax black

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    Quote Originally Posted by ussluis View Post
    These guys make the suits for the Nike 6.0 Team...
    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    not impressed w/ buell wetsuits. i've talked to one of the guys involved w/ them, to ask why their 5mils didn't have a hood. simple question, but they got really defensive about it. seems like more fashion over function to me.
    Ok, first off you're both wrong. Buell doesn't make suits for Nike 6.0, only for carissa moore actually. If you look at the actual suits the riders are wearing you can easily tell it's not buells. I did some research on them and found out that they are fully made from scratch by nike themselves. i don't know why they don't use hurley - maybe cuz they suck.

    Also, buell does make 5/4/3 with hoods. It was only the first season that they had the 5mm no hood. If you just go on their site you can easily see that they don't even make 5mm no hoods anymore and only 5.4.3 hooded.

    As for buells, I should know what I'm talking about since i have a 3/2 and a 4/3. definitely the most comfortable suit i've ever had, and i've worn hyperflex, o'neill, billabong, hurley, body glove, and quiksilver. The 4/3 is actually more flexible than any 3/2 i've worn in the past. Warmth is there, never had a complaint. So far seams are good but i've only had it for 4 months so time will tell. the only downside is that it sometimes flushes, sometimes. Overall i'm stoked on 'em.

    As for these suits, um no. Too many logos, flamboyant colors, and for a second i though they were buells with their logos on them.

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    1st: I'm not the owner
    2nd: I don't receive any pay from them, only a fan
    3rd: The suits are made by buell, it's on their page, private labels
    4th: Everyone that buy this suits says that a 3/2 it's warmer than a 4/3 from other labels
    5th: Of course that if the suit isn't warmer and flexible I will be frozen stiff guy on water

    Maybe a posted the most bizarre models, the all neon are for kids, maybe with this kind of color we can see them in the water
    But the red/white RVLT model and black/white Indigent (ok, the name could be other...) and don't find extravagant.

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    the word is written in translates to "independent."

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    Let's talk reality. I hear that buel suits are sweet but flush around the neck. I also hear every wetsuit maker say that their 3/2 is like everyone else's 4/3. I also think that every company makes an all black suit. I do know that all companies fit is different. When it comes to wetsuits for me fit is high on the list. That said I want to try the Japanese custom made suits by Axxe and some of the other Japanese companies like dove. I hear they are awesome. I know a lot of west coast shops have the Japanese rep come measure you and in 5 weeks you get a custom fit suit. Too bad I'm stuck here in NC, but going home to Cali for a visit soon and in need of a 3/2 thats not warmer than a 4/3(that's because I have a 4/3 and I wear the 3/2 because it's too hot, duh).

    Marketing... You almost can't trust yourself, it's that good!

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    Dont dig the colors, guess im just old school

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    Quote Originally Posted by fl.surfdog View Post
    Dont dig the colors, guess im just old school
    Nah you are just a racialist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njskimmer View Post
    Nah you are just a racialist.
    Nice first post.. way to revive this old thread..Its time for a new 3/2

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    this is my first time posting to this forum and i must admit, those suits are pretty gay