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    Sunset surfboards?

    So I found this cool surfboard alittle while ago at a fela market for 5$. Ive never heard much about them before and was wondering if any of y'all have. The brand is Sunset surf boards and it says shaped by Mike Willis, its about 7ft long, but it dosent have any dimensions on it, thanks for any info.
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  2. Good score! Sunset was out of Encintas, CA from 68-present day. The board you have there was shaped by Mike Willis who made boards for Sunset from 76' to 78'. The shape is a stinger and a classic example of the late 70's shortboard.

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    Mgarbutt is right on, Sunset Surfboards out of Encinitas was a very well-respected label in San Diego for many years. As well, Mike Willis was (and I believe still is) an excellent shaper who, with his brother Milt, split from Sunset in the early 80's to start their own label with Nucleus Surfboards. Nucleus was considered a very progressive label and was a very popular board with the up-ad-coming surfers in North San Diego County.

    Milt was convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter a few years ago, but I think he's out of the can now. I believe both are in Hawaii and run some sort of surf school and are still shaping out there.

    The Sunset label is still being used off and on by a few respected shapers, and you can view some of their boards at Surfy Surfy in Leucadia.

    PS----I'd hold on to it, it'll probably be worth something in a few years. Not Skip Frye value, but definitely worth more than $5. Good score!!!!

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    I worked there in 1970. Ed Wright was the owner/shaper; Dave Dvorak glassed, glossed and made 'em beautiful (best glasser around at the time) and I did the hot coating/rubbing out. I'd give you $10 for the board right now! I rode my 5'8" Sunset this morning--we built it in '70 and it still goes. No delaminations, no dents...DSCF1075.jpg

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    Wow, that looks like my first surfboard!

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    I've got a 7'3" Single fin Sunset that I inherited from an uncle, but it was shaped by Bill Shrosbree. The thing is a tank and I would't give it up for anything.

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    Shrosbree built some great keel fin fishes back in the 70's...well respected in the area.

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