1990 when I was 21 i took a road trip to ca. when i got to san diego I parked and walked to the beach. I was in awe watching people surf that beach and sat and watched for a long time. When i returned to boston i had to figure out a way to try. I got a used board, which was not a good learning board, I can't remeber it exactly something like a 6' or so. I'd drive out to Hull or RI and just get trashed. eventually I got an 8' funshape which worked out a bit better but I still hardly got up. I then started moving around allot but never close enough to water, I still have that problem. 15 years later My parents moved near the beach in Ma. and my dad got me a board for my birthday to keep at their house, again not a good learning board, an 8' gun or something. I didn't get far on that either. Eventually I got a longboard and things started to click. 43 now and that oringinal stoke which started 21 years ago in san diego keeps growing.