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    I caught my first ride on one of those when I was like 12 down in Jersey! Never forget it. Blue and yellow I think. Perhaps they aren't used because of having to blow them up and lifeguard telling you inflatable flotation devices are not allowed (after they've watched you blow them up). I guess every job needs built in entertainment!

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    a semi related point: A few years ago I rediscovered the awesomeness of the inflatable canvas raft. I take it out on summer days and when it's closing out or too mushy to surf. Almost every time I wind up with bodyboarders fighting over the thing once they realize how awesome it is. I wonder whey they've faded into obscurity.

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    Do you realy need to ask?

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    Red face bodyboarding...

    in nj during the summer theres only certain beaches you can surf at during the day in the summer and there is always bodyboards ther. not only do they not knwo what they are doing, they dont realise they can go to any beach. all they do is get in the way and think they are the ruler of the beach.

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    That's a simple answer, because of Kainoa McGee. Google it!!!!!!

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    Because they have a complex of feeling superior to bodyboarders, and when they see bodyboarders getting stoked and having more fun, it is upsetting to them.

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    Didn't we just do this a month ago?

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    Bodyboarding may be easy when you start but let me tell you there is nothing "easy" about boosting and doing ARS's and backflips or any aerial manuever. and riding on the knee isnt that easy either. In the end its all about having fun and sharing the stoke. I dont understand why surfers cant enjoy the ocean with bodyboarders.

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    Enough of this "cumebya-as long as you're having fun" BS.

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    This topic drew me in (my first post here) because I always found this surfer vs. sponger antagonism to be rather irrational and a bit overblown. But truth be told, it's probably worse on these types of forums than in the actual lineup.

    I'm in Boston and depeding on the swell, I may be anywhere from NH to RI and in all the years of sponging, I got the bad attitude from surfers on perhaps a couple of occasions, at most. And that was mostly from some immature, overgrown teenagers who were too full of themselves - nothing new or even specific to surfing.

    Most of time, if you know the code and adhear to it, people will be cool. I have seen some kooky behaviour on the part of spongers and I've seen number of clueless surfers -mostly beginners on longboards. But for the most part, I find surfers to be just fine with spongers who know what they're doing. So any friction out there can be attributed more to level of expertise in the water with whatever watercraft your ride the waves. I do have to admit though that I am realy not fond of SUPs and kayaks in the line up.

    Actually, I typically will avoid spots populated by a thick pod of surfers. There ususally is enough inept people in every lineup so getting a surfboard to the head is a distinct possibilty. When surf's up, I can always find a spot with just a few people on it.

    Sure, I do think that surfers feel superior to spongers because the learning curve to surf well on a stick is steeper than managing a bodyboard. Although, catching waves on a longboard or even a funboard, is not such such a huge feat of athleticism. I've done it and yeah, it's fun.

    But I choose to ride a sponge. Less hassle with transporting it and storage and hey, I live in New England.
    Most of the time, the type of wave we get here is actually more suited to sponging (closeouts, mush, short period chop). Yes, there are times when I wish I was more skilled on a surfboard - mostly during the peaks of noreaster swells and hurricane swells. Longer period waves, head high or bigger do offer a different thrill on a surfboard than on a sponge.

    It also looks to me that getting out on a sufboard in bigger water is a much easier task than on a sponge. This is one aspect of sponging that I think surfers seem not to understand. Getting through beach current (rip parallel to the shore), fighting whitewater on the inside and getting out is much more physically taxing on the bodyboarder than paddling a surfboard.

    But both groups, if experienced, share much more than what actually divides them. Knowledge of waves, judgement, love of the ocean, and most of the time, it shows.

  10. we all love the ocean.... so i dont mind boogie boards **** i dont care even if u surf on a door like kelly slater did in a vid. as long as we share the peace the ocean has to offer that and some kooks lmfao