We are pleased to announce the release of [b] KITESPAIN 2.2 Special Edition Magazine. [/ B]

KITESPAIN Magazine will also be available on paper for those who want to enjoy the best image quality and compulsive collector. You can read the best magazine on the beach before and after each of your sessions, and discuss it with your friends. 136 pages with the best content [b] available exclusively in the best centers and kiosks in the country [/ b].

[b] Do not miss your copy! [/ b]

If you're out of Spain and wish to subscribe, send us an email to [b] suscribete@kitespain.com [/ b].

Our online version and our version 2.0 PDF KITESPAIN Magazine in both Spanish and English will be available in http://www.kitespain.com the [b] Thursday May 10. [/ B]

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