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Thread: Surfers!

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    Not to cause any expand on my own post... but just because I feel something or think something, does not always make it true. We can often be mislead by our feelings without facts and truths. If I say that a penny is a color blue, it may make me happy and feel good, but its far from the truth. If I think that I will be able to just jump off a building and fly- and it will happen since I believe it will happen, either way the Law of Gravity will take effect, and you will fall.Just stating basic facts from the Bible.
    A bit of a history lesson: Circumcision was first started as a Covenant between God and Abraham. It was meant to be a sign of an agreement between God and Abraham as it is stated in Genesis 17, God would make Abraham the father of many nations, which God did. Abraham was to keep Gods covenant. Later on we read that we cannot keep Gods covenant and Law, since we have all fallen short, we have all broken at least one of the 10 commandments, we have all told a lie, stolen something that did not belong to us, made idols other than God...(3 out of 10) We are not perfect, but God is. We can not stand before God or come into His presents since we have fallen short of His standard, perfection. We need a way to be forgiven of falling short. We cannot make it to heaven on our own. In the Old Testament, they would sacrifice animals to cover all their short falls from perfection, but we are told that the blood of bulls and goats never really take away all our sin. This is why we need a Savior. This is why Jesus came from heaven to earth to live the perfect life that we could not. Then He went to the cross to be the ultimate sacrifice and to take our sins on the cross and give us His righteousness so that we could enter heaven on the day we die. This is all done by faith: if you confess your sin, believe that He did this for you and turn from your own ways to follow Him.
    Thus this is spiritual circumcision- "circumcision of the heart" as stated in Deuteronomy 30:6, Romans 2:17-29 and other places in the Bible. The cutting away of the 'dirty' part of your heart by God. Similar to the physical, Circumcision of your dong, cutting away the dirty part. Doing the physical won't get you into heaven, but you will be cleaner...

    ok ok... now back to surfing.... shouldn't we talking about surfing on a surfing forum????
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    Uh oh whats going on here?

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    can this forum post cease existence Mr. Swellinfo? Please?

    The apple has fallen very far from the tree in the past few years

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    religion is like having a big dong.. if you've got one, i'm stoked for you.. but don't throw it in my face, and don't try to ram it down my throat.

    this thread didn't need to involve religion, it was funny and educational at the same time. its not fun anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragdolling View Post
    It's not entirely clear to me that this is NOT a surfing related question. Has anyone every studied the relationship between circumcision and a surfer's performance? What percentage of top pro surfers are surfing with their foreskin intact and what percentage are not? Is it greater than that of the overall population and if so, what is the correlation? And for the average surfer, what advantages might there be to having foreskin? A bit more insulation for that chilly winter session? I, for one, have never found surfing without my foreskin to be a disadvantage, but then again, I have never surfed WITH my foreskin so it's difficult for me to say. Now all I can do is wonder.
    Very good point, ragdolling. Unless you've surfed with AND without a foreskin you are in no position to claim that circumcision is not directly related to one's surfing performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingonh2o View Post
    This is why Jesus came from heaven to earth to live the perfect life that we could not. Then He went to the cross to be the ultimate sacrifice and to take our sins
    So if we don't sin, Jesus died for nothing?

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    I knew a dude nicknamed 'skinner' in middle school. poor guy, wasnt his fault. I'm sure if your not a dirtball, you can be healthy either way, unfortunately vanity fuels conformity, especially for kids.

    On a religious note..

    Imagine how bad it would suck if waves weren't created by pressure fluctuations, but instead by magical ghosts in peoples heads!

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    just a little off the top.....

    sigh... to begin with, unless you are muslim or jewish, you will be in the minority (worlwide, especially europe or any america except usa) if you circumcise your son. even in the US, rates have been dropping and now hover around 50% (from 80 % or more in the 50's and 60's). further, if cleanliness is your objective, i am sure you will also circumcise your daughter, as that labia (and clitoris) are completely unnecessary and are super dirty...right momma? in the US, circumcision was encouraged especially in the 50's and 60's because they believed uncut men masturbated more. do some research. your child will not live in your world. he or she will live in a world that is far more global and much more aware of different cultural practices and rules. further, it is possible, trends being what they are, that your kid with the cut member will be the odd man out.

    finally, ask yourself a question...after perusing trends and attitudes on this site, did you really expect people as concerned about image (as many are here) to give you a medically sound response that wasn't based on their limited vision of conformity? do some research and decide if information about cleanliness and the benefits of sensation outweigh the likelihood some d-bag will laugh at yer kid's d!ck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by spongedude View Post
    ...the US, rates have been dropping and now hover around 50%....
    Do you have a reference for this figure?