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Does it really matter if she's hot?! If she's hot then that ***** is getting her way everywhere she goes.....don 't let your "manhood" get in the way of your human hood. And I don't know if she'd fight or not, but I'd prove my point by organizing a "drop in squad".....drop in on all her waves for an hour or so....make sure you say "sorry".....show her what it's like.

Ironically, if I drop in on you, it's because you saw me paddle for it, knew you were faster than me, snaked around the back side of me, so that you could "claim" position, then looked at me dirty when I popped up anyway. Just because it took me 20 seconds of paddling to get on that wave, doesn't mean you have the right to use your ability to snake the peak me from behind.

Anyway, back to her.....if I was there I'd say something to her.....kook and all I'd let her know. O' maybe that's what you actually need, get a hot chic to say something to her.
rockaway has a good stretch of sandbar breaks, "uptown to downtown".. but some of the best breaks are downtown. unfortunately downtown is kook central. I mean Kook central. all these kooks from brooklyn and manhattan that read about surfing in that useless rag the nytimes decide that "hey, lets give surfing a try" and the better breaks are packed with brand new kooks everytime there is surf. and so trying to police the lineup is sort of like trying to put a forest fire out with a cup of water.... as a result I very rarely surf downtown.