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    5'9 Sharpeye Game Changer

    For sale.5'9 Sharpeye Game Changer. Surfed it twice. Its a bit to big for me. Its like a disco but is a shortboard through the middle half of the board. Felt good just need a smaller one. Its 5'9"x 18 13/20 (18.65) x 2 1/4 (2.25



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    just out of curiosity how big are you since you said it was too big

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    I 2nd what sharpeye said and how much are you looking to get for it

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    I'm 5'9, 130 pounds. I should of ordered this board in an 5'8 x 18/3/16 x 2/3/16. Ill prob take $300 for it. Rob Kelly Surf's this board in a 5'8 and he has 20 pounds on me. So im sure this board will float fine up to 160 ish. Its only been in the water twice. The only pressure things is a small spot on the bottom there my knee hit it. It has a lot of foam volume hidden under the chest like The Disco Marcio makes. Board works well just need it smaller.

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    i have 250 cash for ya - meatloaf.

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    Message me your info.

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    Any takers for $280?

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    if you havent sold this boiard i will buy it for 280 plus shipping. let me know asap. thanks-kyle