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    Monmouth County surf shops-longboards

    Long story short,

    I am about to graduate college and will be collecting my security deposit on my rent for the year (idk how) and would like to buy a log to get me through the summer. I do prefer getting a custom shape to support the local shapers but if I took this route the board probably would not be done until August-September. What's the best shop in northern ish NJ (Monmouth-Ocean County) to find a good longboard in stock. I don't need anything fancy, just a big board that will get me on the summer time waves

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    Ummmmmm College security deposit? If you did College correctly, you will not be seeing any of that money! Hahaha but seriously............

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    It takes way less time to get a custom than you think. This isn't California...

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    the beach house board shop in bay head has by far the best selection on logs. Its a small shop but every log they have is awesome. One of the only shops in north nj that carries bings,joel tudor, hap jacobs etc.

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    Brians rite go to Greenlight thats your best bet.

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    I just finished shaping a bunch of logs, You are more than welcome to come by my shop in Wall and check them out before I glass them. My turn around for a longboard is 3 to 4 weeks. these picks are a few I have done in the past
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    Nice boards at the BH but expect to pay up. Also check the used racks on the 2nd flr at Eastern Lines in Belmar - often have a nice Murphy or Hank Warner LB at pretty good prices. I think Greenlight and the other brands there are a bit on the hobbyist side - not the cleanest shapes that I've seen but the folks are friendly and polite....

    Maybe the used board room at BNW in the Point? Forget Spellbinders - too expensive and not a great vibe ... Same w/. all the BNW shops, too

    Rant over...

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    It would be worth taking a look at Island Style in Sea Bright. Tom Eadon shapes for Derf and you don't get any better than Tom

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    If you want to support your local shapers- go to Green Light or Mahady. You could even shape your own at Greenlight. Mahady's boards always look nice and it seems like he specializes in the old school longboard shapes... beautiful boards... if I was going to get a new longboard- he would be the man. Plus- he is a real local, you can surf with him in Monmouth Co, look for his truck. His boards are some of the better shapes I have seen. Green light is one of the better up and coming shops around. If you want to support your local shop, you will just have to look at all the shops around and find a board, they all have different boards at different times. If you don't have along of money to buy new- craigslist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnxyz View Post
    I think Greenlight and the other brands there are a bit on the hobbyist side - not the cleanest shapes that I've seen but the folks are friendly and polite....
    Please stop by the shop and point out the boards you think aren't shaped well. I'm interested in your expert opinion - as a consumer. Be my guest and borrow a board from our demo rack then let's hear your educated opinion. God forbid boards designed for Mid-Atlantic waves actually stoke people out.

    Waves this week. Come grab a board.

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