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    Smile The scariest / most frightening surf spot you EVER surfed ???

    Well, was just thinking about it.

    Which was the spot that really scared me ?

    and i DONT necessarily mean scary judging the wavesize. could be scary/eery atmosphere, gross marine life or other hazards too.

    for me it would be a Day in may in northern france, brittany. The last days was severe storm, and allthough it was sunny, the air was crisp and cold.

    To avoid crowds, Me and my brother packed the SUV and went looking for some nice spots along the coast. Brittany is a place of dozens of unknow breaks, hidden in small coves or protected by cliffs and rocks.

    after looking for an hour we found a deserted beachbreak, in front of some large rocks. The water was really cold and foamy. Waves were overhead+ with some large sets coming in and we were only ones in water. Perfect A Frames, but long paddle out.

    I was just paddling out, and realized that the paddle out was even longer than we judged from the beach, and once we made it to lineup we both just got this eery feeling:

    to much rocks in the water, a pounding inside filled with kelp, no one at the beach, no town around you for miles, long walk from beach, and you just dont want to know what else is swimming around in the water.

    besides that the water was deep blue and rich in sediments, so you had like no vision whats beneath the surface.

    got some nice waves there but wiping/paddling/sitting for sets was no fun at all, because of this constant sinister feeling.
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