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    Quote Originally Posted by fungus View Post
    So I guess it has been awhile since I have been to EI but when did they start charging $10 to park at the "major" public access spots? Just when I thought WB was rape EI goes one step further.
    Started 2 years ago.......AB is the same and started last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyroarchy View Post
    Found this aticle here.

    Good find.... thanks. If I read it right it seems like the $10 charge is to fund all the improvements over that last 3 or so years. Which makes me wonder..... what was wrong with the spots before the "improvements"? A dirt parking lot was fine with me, and yeah the one set of steps down to the beach was bad, but it did serve the purpose of getting people to the beach. Oh well gotta quit *****in and get to the beach before 7am on the weekends I guess. Or drive further down.

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    At LB they charge per PERSON. I think it's $15 this year.