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Why is it that when there is a new guy learning no one in the line up saids anything to help them learn? Ive notice this all around the east coast obx south nc all over in nj. Its like everybody is to cocky to help isnt surfing peaceful and relaxing and brotherhood. Why does this happen?
I understand and feel the same way. I guess I had it a little better because of being a chic and all.....single surfers were kind of eager to surf with me, help me learn.....but it's was only when I met them out of the water first.

I don't understand the "every man for himself" vibe in the water either.....O' I hear the reasons, but I don't understand. Whenever I see someone who could benefit from what I already know, I tell them, I help them. And whenever I see someone who inspires me, I let them know that I admire them.

You can come surf by me usmcchristian12.