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    All Time Top 175 Maryland Athletes

    The Baltimore Sun has been running a newspaper column series the past month or so counting down the top 175 athletes in or from Maryland as part of celebrating 175th anniversary of the paper. The past 10 days have featured the countdown of the Top 10.

    I am very disappointed not to see Ocean City bodyboarder Jay Reale included in the Top 175 Maryland athletes. In summary: He is the first-ever pro bodyboarder from the east coast. He dominated amateur bodyboarding on the east coast until moving to California in 1987. During that time, he amassed 4 Eastern Surfing Association Championship titles. He was U.S. Amateur Champ in 1986, and won the Morey Nationals in 1984 and 1986.

    Babe Ruth and Johnny Unitas each shared listings as #1/#2 in the popular vote and columnist's assessment.

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    Jay def needs to be on that list. Who's the douche who created it?

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    not to mention Jay currently competes in Iron Man races!

  4. yeah man boogie boarding is on par with professional baseball and football...

    what were they thinking?!