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    Surfed Mission Beach, CA until just after dark, erie! Also surfed Indian River Inlet and OC quite a few times until just after dark, erie as well!! It's almost not worth it because the whole time you are out, you start to worry more about what the hell is lurking around you than you do about the swell. Well, at least for me! People are afraid of what they can't see, at night, I can't see... See ya in the morn!! LOL

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    Used to work till 5 or 6 every day so by the time I got home and to the water it would be 7 or 8. I've surfed till around midnight. When there's no moon it is hard

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    i think i surfed a bunch of times past midnight just this summer when i visited buddies in redondo beach california. we surfed manhattan beach, seal beach, redondo, santa monica, venice at night. as was already mentioned by someone else venice was something else at night with the glow, as was santa monica. i went a couple times in june, and once in august. i've surfed a handful of times a year at night before this. mostly in the summer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatswell View Post
    as was already mentioned by someone else venice was something else at night with the glow.
    Sounds like bioluminescence

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    playa hermosa cr. one hotel has stadium lights on the beach for night surfing. it was really weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    My friend was volunteering at the duck research pier all summer and had the keys to the light box. We ended up night surfing there about once a week. Super fun.
    I used to sleep under the Duck Pier. I also had a friend that worked there. He and another friend bought property by the camp grounds in 70's for nothing and sold out in the 90's for a ton of bucks. We'd drive there after closing down the bars in VB and stumble out in the water soon after arriving.

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    full moon in the summer time, 11-12ish small waves, very peaceful, at one with nature.

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    always wanted to try moonlight canoe trip. i hear they are pretty awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Sounds like bioluminescence
    A friend and I surfed one of our breaks in mid October about 5 years ago under a full moon with bioluminesence.(please hold the jokes). It was extreamly prominent.One of the coolest sessions I ever had.

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    I used to surf casino pier at night, only in the summer though. I would stay out till around 11 or so me and 2 of my good friends, good times. I guess that won't be happening for awhile: fusandy