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    Quote Originally Posted by surf_squan1219 View Post
    anyone have the blue prints to make one?
    .PVC surfboard rack for bike:

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    i've got a bike rack i don't need. 2 years old. its not a carver, but works nonetheless. you could have it for $20. i used it when i lived 5 blocks from the beach but now ive moved way inland, 2 whole miles. so no more peddaling to the beach. if your interested PM me, i will send pics.

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    Check out Carver Surf Racks. It's bling for your bike

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    Side Racks

    I bought some side racks for my bike at WRV about 15 years ago and they still work fine - I have added some pipe insulation for more padding. These look about the same:

  5. hey RVB ill PM you