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Thread: This week....

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    This week....

    When do you guys think is going to be the best day this week. I know saturday looked like a fluke on the report but over at Roosevelt in Deal it ended up being the best waves I've surfed in a while. I'm thinking tomorrow morning before the swell jacks up?

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    it looks like your best bet is going to be friday at 1152 am the wind will be outta the south-north-west at 7.23457865564 mph unless there's a blue moon with a ebbing tide and the cowboys win the super bowl

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    thanks man! i hope you get eaten by a shark!

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    Swellinfo says Tuesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nj1993 View Post
    thanks man! i hope you get eaten by a shark!
    woww. the ultimate surfer: "NO HE DIDDN'T!!!"

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    not even "bitten"......but "eaten".........thats cold.......

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    based on my models the Hudson Current vectoring outflow confluence with the incoming on Wednesday morning tells me that starting at exactly 8:19 am there's going to be a tidal bore in Great Kills, a bunch of us bros will caaravan up there to hit it, going to be mad tight brah rally point is at the Grover Cleveland rest area (you can leave your car, put the key on the left rear tire - it'll be fine) and walk from there to the jump-off at Sewaren Marina Park ok if you need more exact details feel free to PM me

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    eaten by a shark??? My apologies to the super gnar ripper shredder man. I guess all the rain isn't from Alberto at all, it's from your huge gouging backside slappy twister mcflip 3000. I am sorry sir, I evidently am not worthy to be on the same forum as you sir. I should have put you on my fantasy surfer team after all

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    All I asked BRO was everyone's opinions on when the best chance for waves going to be. Your name's whitewater indicating clearly the only type of waves you can catch.

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    believe it or not, getting off your couch and out of your house to go look at the ocean is the best way to check... i know there is no technology involved and it requires some effort but actually going to look at it is your best bet. please don't wish death by shark threats on me for the mild sarcasm