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    quick money for broke surfer

    I had this idea looking at the forecast for this weekend. Onshore winds, cold water temps and inland temps in the 70s to 80's. Tens of thousands of inlanders will be pouring into Asbury for the Bamboozle festival in shorts and tank tops. It'll be 80 when they leave their house and 55 on the beach when they arrive.

    I see this all the time this time of year - inlanders arrive at the beach and are suddenly shocked to be freezing.

    If were like a 17 year old kid looking to make a quick few hundred bucks, I'd buy a bunch of boxes of 5 dollar sweatshirts, or hit every thrift shop around buying em for 50 cents each and walk around selling em for 10 bucks a pop.

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    I'll print "Bamboozle" on them for $2 a garment.

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    nice, there are probably some costs or regulations to navigate before just selling them to folks at the festival... good thinking though.