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    Crazy surfboard artwork designs

    Hey guy.

    Check out this bloke hans artwork on boards

    f&%^$(&* crazy
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    That's some cool stuff. I like the first one.

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    thanks mate

    google handbrake clothing and go on the website, found it the other day.

    they do custom made sneakers as well.

    seriously talented

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    HandBrake boards

    I saw one of these the other day! The guys who owned it looked stoked.

    You know these guys do skateboards too which look amazing. Can't wait to get me one haha

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    Holy Crap that is sick!!!

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    Dunno if this is a skin or what but I liked it.

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    This is Bob Langston's work. His art is great! and hes a finalist with me in the Coastal Edge art comp. This is paint pen.

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    My Surfboard Art

    I did this one myself with a pencil, some paint markers, and some clear coat for protection. I don't know why the second pic posted sideways but you guys can get the idea. For those who aren't Pink Floyd fans, the image is from The Wall.
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    Wtf insanity!

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    This is the last one i did on my latest board.