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I dont care what kind of conditions you are riding in you will eventually loose a board......If you say you never have you're just fooling yourself and lying to everyone else.......Usually when one compliments themselves on how much (skill) they have there is usually a significant lack of.......
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Isn't comparing not wearing a leash to not wearing a seat belt an incongruous argument? You don't wear a seatbelt, then in the event of an accident you're unlikely to injure anyone other than yourself. I think a lot of the arguments here revolve around the idea that you dont' wear a leash, you're putting others at risk.

Of course, that kind of glosses over that fact that surfing is a dangerous activity with an implied and inherent risk. Does one have a moral responsibility to limit that risk to oneself? Others? Or does the inherent risk absolve of us as individuals from attempting to minimize it? Sounds like one of them personal moral dilemmas to me. That is until people start legislating that we all have to surf with leashes and helmets and personal flotation devices and gps trackers, personal liability insurance and have to pee in a cup to get our Surf Licenses. "You have 3 points on your surf license until suspension, have a nice day."
Au contraire, one of the greatest risks of not wearing a seatbelt is injuring other passengers in the vehicle (ocean if you will I'm going to continue the comparison). Look it up. When an unbelted person gets in a crash where others are belted, the others are usually seriously injured, if not killed by the unbelted person. I watched some terrible videos of this in high school.