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    I think you missed my point completely. I said if a CI will end up costing you the same overall as a lesser known custom even though they cost a more initially because they bring so much money second hand. I had a few and my M4 was the best surfing I ever did. After their was no life left in it I still sold it for over $200 and haven't been able to find anything I surf as well since.

    I visited the factory in Carpenteria and Al took a break from shaping to ask us how we liked the boards and talk for a few just because we were there all way from the Carolinas. That made an impression on me. Has he made some of the most influencial board designs of modern times? yes, absolutely.

    I also heard people talking **** at places like the lighthouse because if you're on a CI you can't surf it good enough for some people unless you're KS himself- those are the ones who think "they're so core".

    What I'm amused by is the constant flow of new (sometimes awful & rarely great but mostly short lived) shapes with a pro's "shaping input" and a quirky name attached. It's a good business model: keep offering new, different products, market them with your star talent and watch the hoards race at breakneck speed to be the first to have one regardless of whether the design has any merit or not.

    The CI product line has tripled. Some of the best designs are now only available as customs while the new, unproven models just keep coming. That's business though- make what the public will buy for the most money not neccessarily what's best for them- in fact if you can keep them buying one after another hoping the next one does the trick that's even better.

    What other people want to spend their money on is their choice. I'm a capitalist so good for Al and Burton's shareholders but I thinks it's gimmicky but what isn't. I'll wait it out and see which trends make a contribution to the functionality of what I ride: small to medium size wave oriented shortboards and a step-up that doesn't get used enough.
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