All of this dribble about how surfers are expected to help beginners, and expected to wear leashes because some swimmer or beginner might get hit.... and talk of suing people..

I am calling you out!!! STOP SURFING, IT'S NOT FOR YOU. This isn't a team sport, take up softball. Surfing is what it is because generation after generation surfers have led the rebellious front against society. Only lately have surfers become "athletes" and respectable members of society. Good for the pro's, but stop trying to subject me and my like-minded brother-en to this pussification of surfing. Some "benny / kook / tourist /whatever" buys a funboard and all of the sudden that person is a surfer? THAT is who would call the cops because they got in the way of another, better, surfers board. THAT is not a surfer, and THAT is not what surfing is about. Leashes didn't even exist until the 1980's, and let me re-assure you, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH KIDDIES ON THE INSIDE, it was so that Gerry lopez could stop swimming through the urchins after his board in G land.