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    You all were the "newbies of today" and your were all douches when you were, love how you guys are just like the people you ***** about...ignorant.

    And I hate to tell you, if you say you weren't "entitled" at that age, your full of it. We all were, it's a young person frame of mind, you people complaining about it now with surfing, were the same people either embracing rap in the 90's and rock in the 60's, you thought just cause you picked up a guitar you were Kurt Cobain. It's ok, we all do it, we were all young once. But just don't be a **** and forget about it.

    And lastly, does this brotherhood of winter Jersey surfers do anything for the community, or are you just bunch of douches in the water getting pissed at people?

    Life's too short guys, Let it be, Let it be...
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