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Don't usually post but some valid comments here. And although I don't agree with violent behavior to prove a point (I am more of a "can't we all get along guy"), the youth of today (I'm almost 40 so I think I earned the right to judge a kid) need to understand in the surf/skate culture there is a proving ground period. We all want things. However, we can always get what you want. You have to pay to play. And part of the paying process is to respect those who have come before. They need to learn who not to cross and what asses need to be kissed to join the "squad". I never forget a poor decision I made as a teenager in a crowded session at Love Park in the late 80's. Let's just say there was two hits, the second was my face on marble. But the lesson I learned that day I carry with me as traveling surfer and a non-Local Jersey surfer. I know my place and I respect that. I don't know leethestud, but I appreciate him for keeping the underbelly of the sport alive. It's not all love, stoke and sun.
No chin what-so-ever huh, damn that sucks.