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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Yankee, were you born a pr!c k or did it take practice? You go outta ur way to start sh!1_! Seriously padner, wtf? Might as well throw me in there too, but neither them boys need my help I figure. Go service somebody, ain't that what you do fur a livin? An you right, them boys will never walk alone, I got a feelin both of them aren't lonely little men in real life. THEYNPROLLY HAVE FRIENDS AND WOMEN. Unlike you. You dredged up this thread cause you got petty Internet beef. Jeysus man, go be a replacement ref for the NFL. Fochturd.
    If you knew the history on this board, jackwagon, you'd just sit back & STFU. Wee deserves anything & everything that the little poseur gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post

    watch your back stud.

    this dude has crossed the line.
    Not at all. See reply to the other clown gaffer.

    And Cresto, you were doing so well for so long, but you've gone to the dark side again up there in AK.

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    yankee would you prefer I make a new account to troll you with? I mean, I can do that... I bet STUDLEE is available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    yankee would you prefer I make a new account to troll you with? I mean, I can do that... I bet STUDLEE is available.
    Well, if you did that, Weeman, then you would have to start over on your total posts number.
    And since you have been noted in the forum to cry about how important it was for you to top 1k posts, well, just sayin'....

    Besides, you're doign such a fine job of trolling me with your expletive-filled PM's & your usual angry-manchild posts, why change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkegLegs View Post
    Speaking of entitlement, there is nothing i despise more than a "summer local".
    100% this .

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    Calling yourself out

    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    All of this dribble about how surfers are expected to help beginners, and expected to wear leashes because some swimmer or beginner might get hit.... and talk of suing people..

    I am calling you out!!! STOP SURFING, IT'S NOT FOR YOU. This isn't a team sport, take up softball. Surfing is what it is because generation after generation surfers have led the rebellious front against society. Only lately have surfers become "athletes" and respectable members of society. Good for the pro's, but stop trying to subject me and my like-minded brother-en to this pussification of surfing. Some "benny / kook / tourist /whatever" buys a funboard and all of the sudden that person is a surfer? THAT is who would call the cops because they got in the way of another, better, surfers board. THAT is not a surfer, and THAT is not what surfing is about. Leashes didn't even exist until the 1980's, and let me re-assure you, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH KIDDIES ON THE INSIDE, it was so that Gerry lopez could stop swimming through the urchins after his board in G land.
    Dude, you call yourself "Leethestud". Really? That speaks volumes. You're calling yourself out with that arrogant name and your post just mirrors that self-centered arrogance.

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    your post just mirrors that self-centered arrogance
    How so?? please elaborate?

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    ok danisurfs19, that's a super cool name right there.

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    Thanks, I was thinking of going with danisurfsandisthehottestpersonintheworld19 but then I thought that was too long.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    Triumph the comic dog! My god that was truly brilliant.

    surfing with weapons, Travon, flexing internet hate muscles...

    "Calmer then you are." Walter Sobchack