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    Squeeze of death

    this is a question for all the guys on the forum. im sure its happened to all of us when were sitting out there in a full suit then all of a sudden it happens. it feels like your sack gets vacuum bagged. and its misery every time you lay on the board. how do you guys get rid of it? when i try pulling it off it just gets tighter! someone shine some light on this issue!

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    just need to get some air in there to even the pressure. Hurts like a motha tho

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    That's pretty much normal especially in a good snug wetsuit. usually only happens when I get in the water though and is gone before I get to the lineup...

    don't tug your junk...especially in the line up

    just let some water in to break the seal if it's really bad; through the neck gasket or somewhere so it filters all the way down.

    it should just go away as water seeps into the suit though.
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    I got a suit that I've owned and it's the most comfortable and flexible suit I've worn. Only problem is my left nut takes an escalator ride upstairs every time I'm paddling. I adjust in the lineup but it's difficult when you're in the middle of a session. Guess you either deal with it or buy a new suit, which I ended up doing this winter.

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    let a little air in the neck/hood hole and work it down