some years ago...a dude across the street from my parents house saw me skating on a visit, and asked if I still surfed. He proceeded to open up a dusty garage and bust out a late 60's Hansen cardiff. He bought it new years ago to impress a girl. Could not fit it in his convertible MG and hung it up in the rafters. Only saw the water two, sweet. 40 bucs for a board that I have been offered several thousand dollars in the water. It is big and heavy and I only bust it out on special days. It is scary to strap that on top of a car and haul it down the mountain to the drink. But man oh man, they dont make um like that. It catches everything. I even bombed big storm swells. Taught my lil brothers to surf on it. It hangs above my bar and is still an eye catcher. Maybe she should see some water time soon. We call her "Big Red" and a million dollars would not fetch her from my clutch.