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    Longboard Skateboard 4 Sale

    Earthwing Carbon SuperGlider -- On Ebay.<br /><br /><br /><br />IMG_0776.jpg

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    What do you want for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zman9398 View Post
    What do you want for it?
    He's set it for auction with reserve. Usually that means the bidder will not tell you the minimum price because the entire point of a reserve is that bidding starts lower than an acceptable value for the seller so that the auction will attract more interested parties and bidding wars will occur to jack up the sale price well above the reserve value.

    Additionally, it opens up the possibility of sniping the reserve value on the auction, bidding the seller's lowest acceptable price just as the auction ends to eliminate bidding competition and leave the seller with only the lowest acceptable value.

    Basically, it's not in the seller's interest to tell you his reserve.
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    I set a reserve due to experience (loosing) money on ebay with certain items. I set the reserve at a very fair price for a board that is essentially brand new.

    And Sloop was right, I'm not going to reveal my reserve.