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    Maybe even a 5'6" Dumpster Diver?

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    How about 5'8" Dumpster Diver or Lost Motivator?

  3. i have a 5'8 21-13 round nose fish. i use to have a rocket, i love the fish a lot better. heres the link for the fish. if your interested let me know. mine is in great condition, no dings basically new. l

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    Unless you are like 6'3 and well over 200 pounds, a 5'8 rocket is a crime. You are supposed to ride those things really short, like 5'4 short. On the Lost website they say to ride the rocket 6-8 inches shorter than your standard short board. Just my 2 cents...

  5. i never said i rode a 5'8 rocket. your 2 cents might be a little off. if you want the fish let me know

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    Guys, I'm still on the hunt for that Rocket....Maybe even a CI Neck Beard...Something else in that style of board. Not looking for a fish or RNF.

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    I have a 5'5"......

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    I also have a 5'8" JS. close to a rocket. its a sweet board.

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    ill sell you my custom ci for 150. only 2 repairs. its 5'10 -18 5/8 -2 1/4. has a lot of volume. i just have no need because if its small i ride my fish and if its stomach+ i ride my shortboard. the boards somewhere between a dumpster diver and your reg shortboard. let me kno

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    BTW, I'm in Margate NJ.