<br /><br />On Saturday, June 16, I will be racing prone on a 14ft. Joe Bark paddleboard around Absecon Island, home of Atlantic City, among other Jersey Shore communities. Last year, the paddle initially took us out the inlet and down the Atlantic where we had a side/back wind and swells to ride, but then got punished with an outgoing tide and a headwind in the back bays. It's a tough paddle, where weather, tides, biting flies, and the race component of it all challenge you to your max. Then again, it's nothing compared to what those with cancer go through.....physically, emotionally, and financially. This paddle is not about me or the paddlers, but raising money for those in need of support. The foundation didn't hesitate to offer my wife and I assistance when they learned she had breast cancer last year, which we declined, knowing there are countless others who demonstrate a greater need. But the fact there is such an organization such as the DRCF out there to offer support when you need it most is a blessing.<br /><br />The fact that it's on a Saturday this year and I don't have to deal with northbound traffic on the Garden State Parkway, which can be worse than the paddle in terms of pain and frustration, is awesome.<br /><br />https://deanrandazzo.dojiggy.com/ple...720E0575020775<br /><br />Thank you,<br /><br />Ryan and Family (Michelle, Maggie, and Lucy)