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    Is anyone interested in being in a surfmovie in the Delaware/MD Area?????

    I am making a surf film in the delaware/maryland region and as of right now i have 2 and a half surfers(the half being me because i sponge and no one films me). Interested in movie time????????????? and

    Also if anyone is interested in sponsering our movie it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    from someone having experience making an east coast video. in order to make a vid, that people are going to want to spend money on, your going to have to hunt down the best surfers in the area. Find them, get their numbers, and plan to meet them on the good days. I dont think delmarva has the biggest talent pool on the east coat, but their are definitely some rippers.

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    PavAve67 Guest

    Bare Wire Surf Shop

    Give these guys a call .
    They have some of the best rippers around and I bet they wouldlove to get some footage of there rides