I think maybe...just because the offshore buoy readings says something...that can't be your only source of info. Compare to other things...Like how long did you have offshore winds. Maybe that's keeping the swell from reaching coast..or direction of that swell...You have to look at a combo of everything...and of coarse camera. Down south here...there is no substitute for Swellinfo help with swell ...but for example...for current wind and wind forecast ...nothing better ( to me ) than Wind Alert. This app. is accurate under an hour as to when the wind will switch. Turning Red to Green on the swellinfo chart is not always that accurate..so this has helped a lot with timing....I also will compare all that to local and Noaa Weather predictions ...Then try to make my own determinations...Since I moved away from the beach , it is now a two hour drive...so I have learned to take advantage of more that one source of information, and I must say I am rarely disappointed. Oh...yes..hard to beat the Camera. We have a live, free one at the pier...so I can even see some of the wave action at night...Look at Everything...then be your own forecaster.