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    Big wave tarp surfing!!!<br /><br />This is what we do in Texas when the surf goes flat!!!<br /><br />

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    why. does not even look fun

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    shortboard.... longboard.... now tarp surfing??? I have a tarp in my back yard, now i just need a nice sized slab fetch and a offslab wind.... lol i would like to try it on a SUP!

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    Lol. We were just goofing off. We knew a parachute maker and got a bunch of tarps and had him sew them together. Turned out to be amusing.

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    This is what we do when its not flat. Plus there isnt any surf in Texas right?

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    i say, a few of those you got in pretty deep

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    Lol Doin IT!

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    Ive always wanted to try the tanker surfing after seeing some cool videos.

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    Im going in 2 weeks! Buddy has a boat and im with ya, ive wanted to try for a while.