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Thread: Warm water

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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    i have even dawn patroled in trunks. the water is amazing!
    Yea, I've been rockin' trunks and a neoprene top for about a week now... SO STOKED FOR TOMMORROW

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    5/4 for the foreseeable future. Air temps will max out in July/August in the 60s and water temps might make it up into the 50s. And then it will start to snow again...Love it.

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    Even up here in New Hampshire the water is very warm, 60 on Thursday. Trunks and a rash guard. Do not recall water hitting 60 degrees this early.

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    lived in long beach ny this winter, it never really dipped below 50, only had to rock a hood a few times, pretty much a 4:3 all winter- and it's been a while, but i'm pretty sure there was a day or two in december that were dooable with just a skin

    just moved out to southampton, it's chilly but there's warm spots, was out thursday for a few hours in shorts.

    i guard at a beach club, kids were in the water for the last couple weeks with just bathing suits.

    definitely feeling like july water temps.

    as the admin guy said, it looks like we are getting these weekly close storms combined with those two tropical storms.

    our club got dominate by irene last year... we're located between a bay and the ocean and they open it up about a half mile down the road every couple months to air out the bay --- there's a big bulkhead that protects the houses between the bay and the club, the thing stops right next to us.

    well irene decided to open up a new cut, right over the tennis courts and through our club. nothing too horrible, lots of sand to move... but only in the last 5 years has the bulkhead been exposed, and this year, for the first time, you can see some of it for the whole stretch, and the chunk of dune between the head and the club doesn't exist anymore - and everyone lost their stairs.

    most of bridgehampton through wainscott is basically duneless. there's about 6 feet left of dune of what was 5 years ago 20 feet, 20 years ago 50 feet.

    every year it looks like its going to be the year that billions of dollars of real estate becomes prime surf clamming grounds.

    admin maybe you know more about this, but it seems that with irene last year and the warm temps this year, it could ACTUALLY be the year.