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    Talking Decided to make this the summer of the beach

    Hey all. I live about three hours from the beach, and I've always loved going there, and trying to bodyboard on my crappy ol bent board. Well I recently bought a top of the line bodyboard, and took it out and notice a HUGE difference already... And that was on some small waves..
    Anyway, this year I will have many random days off during the week, and so I think I'd like to hit up the beach a lot more often.

    The Plan:
    Check the wave heights on this site, and if they are good, drive on down...I'm planning on camping on Assateague island for $30 a night, and hitting up the water during the day.. Doing this for 2-3 days at a time. Always during the middle of the week because that's when I'm available, and I'll miss the traffic.

    I'm writing just to kinda ask for some general advice, I'm sure many of you have done this type of thing before.
    -I was planning on going to Ocean City to board, are there better places? How is it right on Assateague?
    -Should I not even go there, and travel down to Chincoteague instead if it means better surf?
    -What about Delaware, I don't see too many camping spots up there, but is there some hidden gem up there that's better?

    -General bodyboarding questions:
    -I find myself slipping off the board quite easily if I try to paddle with two hands, so I usually use one, and hold on to the top with the other. Suggestions?
    -Flippers. I don't have them, do they help a lot? Sometimes I think they would def. help if I just miss what looks like an awesome wave
    -Wet suit. Was thinking of getting a wet suit top as last weekend I was shivering in between ridding the elusive decent wave. Not sure though, as it's only going to get warmer..

    -Any other general advice is muchly greatly appreciated!
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